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Fine Artisanal Wines & Food is Toronto’s Wine Bar and Bottle Shop offering the most unique selection of imported organic and sustainable wines and restaurant prepared gourmet meals in
Ontario.  Fine Artisanal Wines partners with local wine importers and restaurants to offer a delicious selection of sustainably made wines and chef prepared meals to enjoy at home.  Visit our wine bar to taste before you buy.  A sommelier is ready to assist you.
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Why Buy Imported Wines from a Bottle Shop?

Bottle shops in Toronto offer the best selection of organic and sustainable imported wines available to consumers in Ontario. Buy bottles of imported wines not available in liquor stores at your local bottle shop. Bottle shops buy from the wine agents that import all the organic and minimal intervention wines sommeliers proudly serve in restaurants and make them available at a fraction of restaurant prices. You’ll find the perfect wines for your table, special occasion and collection at your local bottle shop.

Best Selection of Organic and Sustainable Imported Wines

A sommelier is ready to help suggest a wine for dinner, a gift or special occasion. What’s your favourite wine or region? Visit us and taste to help you decide. We’ll curate a selection for you to enjoy. We source responsibly made wines and local food for every occasion.

When is the Bottle Shop Open?

Our bottle shop is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 12-noon to 9:00pm. We are also open for private functions like structured wine tastings, corporate seminars and winemaker lead master classes.

Shop our selection of wines or ask us to help you choose a wine.